Some of our main goals include:

  • Consolidate scattered Korean resources
  • Make Korean easier to understand than standard current methods
  • Be the most accurate source for the Korean language over time
  • Provide full coverage of the Korean language, from beginning to end
  • Include information not generally found in dictionaries and textbooks
  • Utilize the full power of the internet by using images, audio and video
  • Make Korean the second most thoroughly documented language on the internet next to English.
  • Put up grammar pages with mostly minimal content or no content (only the basic layout). This is so people in the future can immediately find the pages and contribute to it or add examples as they feel.
  • Add simple explanations and well known information, content that is found throughout various books or sources.
  • Add more detailed information about exactly when and how a grammar pattern should be used. This is a good time for native Korean speakers, people who speak at a high level and Korean language experts to step in and add important details and fix common misconceptions. A more systematic approach can be used for sentence examples to help the user understand more effectively.
  • Add multimedia content from dramas and songs showing the grammar pattern in usage. Audio files can also be recorded so the user can hear the natural intonation of the example sentences.
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